our story

Les Tricots d'O

O stands for Odette and an Ode to feminine sensuality and strength. O also represents a shared universe between the world of Odette and Les Tricots d'O. The common thread running through both brands is the love of colour. Not because fashion trends dictate it, but rather to send a positive message to the world. In Odette's universe, colours represent positive emotions as beacons of light in dark times. Odette is the alter ego and middle name of Nathalie, the woman behind the brand. During an illness, she started knitting to add colour to difficult days. Today she has still not recovered physically, but mentally she is stronger than ever before. She's alive and buzzing with ideas, enjoying every little victory over her destiny.

O, as in empOwerment, transcends individual history. Because Les Tricots d'O is the work of many hands. All these knitters enrich Odette's eclectic personality and aim for a common goal, because they are united by the love of this ancient craft. As they knit, they tell the same story and yet each creation is unique.

let us hug you...

Les tricots d'O is therefore a LOVE BRAND because it is close to the skin. Literally and figuratively. Let us hug you is not a hollow slogan, but a statement of intent. Odette's cardigans feel like a warm blanket of love because only the softest mohair is good enough. Odette is unwilling to compromise when it comes to quality because it would compromise its integrity. At the same time, she does not allow herself to be limited by dogmas or commandments. She is a free-spirited woman who follows her heart.

Everything is possible in Odette's world. She loves to push boundaries and explore unprecedented territory. She finds beauty in contradiction and dares to experiment with streetwise graffiti on a noble material like mohair. At the same time, she refuses to put women in a straightjacket. That is why she gives them the choice between long or short cardigans, between discreet colour nuances or daring colour combinations.

After all, Odette knows all too well that every woman is unique. Her creations transcend rank and status because everyone needs softness. Let us hug you is therefore a universal declaration of love that is heard on every continent. It connects beach babes in LA, socialites in Buenos Aires, boss moms in London and femmes fatales in Paris. Apparently they each have a different style, but deep in their hearts they all dream of the same thing: love.

Les Tricots d'O is an ode to individuality and self-expression. Each model in the collection can be perfectly combined with any fashion look. Their only common denominator is the love of colours. Sometimes subtle, like the soft powdery shades of dawn full of promise. Sometimes exuberant, like a kaleidoscopic explosion that chases away the darkness and sings an ode to life. An ode to love (of colours)!